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Intellectual Property Rights And It’s Protection In Modern Age

Posted By Admin on 11 Jan 2016

Intellectual property as we say is competitively newer concept than other laws in India. So, it is.necessary to understand intellectual property rights as the common people are unaware of the basic concept of intellectual property rights.

In a lay man language we can just split up the words and say that any creation or product of the mind can be said as intellectual, and is denoted as property as it is the outcome of the efforts of the creator and we have certain rights attached to it which can be enforced by the creator whenever necessary. This intellectual property is also intangible in nature which means that it cant be physically felt and touched like the tangible properties like land, house etc.

It is also necessary that intellectual property rights should be properly protected which can only happen when there is proper awareness about the same. People miss on their rights which may seem very casual in a daily scenario but are rights and if infringed people should come up with the ability to fight back for their rights which generally does not happen in our country due to lack of knowledge.

Intellectual property rights are of 7 types namely copyright, patents, trade mark, trade secret, geographical indications, industrial designs, semi conductor layout circuit design. All of these is not necessarily impacts the common people but the most closely associated intellectual property right with the mass is trademarks as any product people buy generally bears a trademark and thus has an impact over the public.

The hue and cry is made when people do not know how to react when their rights are infringed. They have this idea about it that they have to go for tedious and tiring procedures of the court and that too all by themselves. They do not find easy solutions for intellectual property rights compliance’s due to which people fail to enjoy their rights but today times have changed and the era is an internet era where almost everything is available on-line be it products or services.

Intellectual property rights compliance services are also present on-line and are easily accessible but the point again arises that are all on-line portals providing such services reliable enough? One such reliable name in this sector is Brands and Fakes which is not only easily approachable but also provides every kind of support needed in protecting the intellectual property rights.

People are scared of the toughest part that is investigation regarding their case as it can bring in solid proofs which can further help to protect the rights of the complainant.Brands and Fakes provides with services related to investigations as well like anti counterfeiting investigators who can be a lot of help for protection of the rights of the common people and have a hassle free experience by which they can make other people fight for their right in future.

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