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Image analytics a new paradigm in brand protection

Posted By Admin on 19 June 2018

The revolution in the image analytics is bound to disrupt lot many industries. Image analytics is already changing the way things are happening in healthcare, fashion and retail sectors but it is likely to change the sale of counterfeits specially in the online portals.

The maturity in the ML technologies is also bound to increase the impact of the image analytics more & more on the online portals and increase the chances of any such violations to be captured very easily and e-tailers taking proactive measure to stop the sales of counterfeits.

Today, when counterfeit availability going as high as 40-50% on some of the e-tailing portals, it will be very interesting to see these technologies actually make significant impact. With machines becoming more & more intelligent and image analytics becoming more matured, we are likely to see an all-out technology war on the suppliers of the counterfeit products globally. This may even have a huge business impact in countries like China & India.

The platforms like are likely to contribute significantly not only to roll out of such technologies but also provide the necessary knowledge to make the machines more intelligent.

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