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How Good TM Research Saves Money?

Posted By Simran on 26 Feb 2019

Importance of IP research for selecting a Brand

One of the most important aspects for launching a brand is the clear IP for the brand name, we wish to register. On one hand, there are many organization which engage marketing Guru’s to decide on brand names  and on the other hand there are many who decide the brand name internally on some imagination, with some consultations from astrologers & numerologists. Whatever may be process for decision making, one point which is almost universal is that, many of these brand names are objected or have to be withdrawn later due to conflicts later during the IP registrations.

This problem is more severe in mid & small size organizations, which either don’t wish to spend money for a good guidance by IP researchers (before selecting a brand name) or depend on guidance from consultants/lawyers, who may not be experts or may not do a decent job.

Millions of $ are wasted by promotors in changing brand names later or fighting court cases on the avoidable conflicts, at the very first stage. The brands therefore need to put extra focus and need to take expert services much before the brand names are actually decided.

This problem has been addressed wonderfully by platform by getting intelligent IT systems to support the physical effort of experienced researchers and very innovatively use of technology to pre-empt all potential conflicts. This is executed at very effective cost and with a very high level of precision & consulting.

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