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Home delivery of counterfeit products from China

Posted By Admin on 10 May 2019

Chinese portals have been pushing products to India by first evading taxes under pretext of gifts and when the government of India has put some noose around the gifts coming from China, these portals have dropped the prices of the products, so that even after payment of duties, the products land really cheap.


It takes a longer time for government to act and these Chinese manufactures are evading the imposition of anti-dumping duties by use of online web commerce. This is not only harmful for the domestic industry, by making them face an unfair competition & face extinction, but also, threatens the economy of the country, in general.


The other key factor which is of significance is that these Chinese portals sell very large volumes of counterfeit products and there is nothing which customers or brands or the government can do. These counterfeit products land at home and customers get cheated left right & centre.


Government and the brands needs to move more aggressively against these Chinese portals and at the policy level, government needs to take tough measures, not only to curb the counterfeits but also, protect domestic industry against these unfair online economic war. platform is allowing users to provide the information on such counterfeit transections and through a network of social groups associated with the portal,  an all-out advocacy is being undertaken with the government authorities &  international forums, to seek penal measures.

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