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Google Ads For Conflicting Domains

Posted By Rahul on 07 Feb 2019

In the online space Brands are increasingly facing violations & crimes where conflicting domain names use google ads to get positioned at the top of search results. Very often customers are getting cheated in addition to brands losing the revenue.

The existing statutes (IT act, IP laws, IPC  and other governing rules) are not comprehensive enough to deal with such scenarios. The IT act is weak on this and applicability of IPC ( 420 etc) are difficult to enforce.

There needs to be a comprehensive strategy to deal with such scenarios. Few things which can be very effective will be (a)  filing of criminal complaints against such cheatings by  consumers b) taking up the issues with UNDRP/ INDRP for domain conflict resolution c) getting the takedowns executed from the hosting service providers d) filing complaints with GAMA for misleading ads under ministry of consumer affairs e) taking up with google and other search engines for resolutions and also filing complaints against google with the IT/ DIPP & consumer affair ministry.

The  platform and the eco system of legal & non-legal professionals, media, social groups etc provide a perfect solution to brand owners to deal with such offenders very effectively.

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