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Fighting Counterfeit Effectively: Need Of The Hour

Posted By Admin on 27 Aug 2016

Counterfeit over the passing time has become more of a business and a source of making a lot of illegal money. This is the phenomenon of making fake products or imitation of something valuable or which is of importance. So, this gives a clear sense that why it is so popular and people love doing it because it can draw them huge amount of money in less time which probably is not that possible in legal professions and occupations as these require huge amount of hard work.

The problem in India is way more than in other countries as the law is not very stringent here and even if stringent, it is not strictly followed as there are several ways to cheat the law through corrupt practices. After knowing this, can we think of fighting back counterfeiting as a crime? Yes, it is very difficult and disappointing at the same time but if tried can be successfully implemented.

When we go to our regular market and see loads of stuff and products piled up there, then we can actually see counterfeiting almost in every few steps. We can see trademark infringement by using fake trademarks of that same brand through playing around with the design, shape, size, spelling etc. and try to give it a deceptive similarity so that we the innocent buyers are fooled and made to buy that fake product in a haste. After few steps again you see somewhere vendor selling fake CDs and DVDs of movies and songs. This shows the varieties of counterfeiting available in our daily life. There also other levels of this illegal act but those do not come in direct contact with common people.

The major problem arises when we ignore such acts and do not take any action against counterfeits. If we settle with such situations we will never be able to come up with a counterfeit free society. We might think that how would be it helpful because of my initiative, but it is important for us to know that we have to work on such issues which we can see and that happens with us, so that we can at least start working together against it on grassroots level.

It has become so easy these days to deal with such problems due to on-line portals available in India. Any such counterfeit complaints which we have can be easily filed on these platforms and we need not worry about going through long process. One thing which still is very complicated is counterfeit investigation services in India because not all on-line portals provide such services but one reliable and popular platform is Brands and Fakes which provide all such services and execute the same in.excellent manner.

The bottom line is that we need not get scared of small hurdles when we are aiming for something big. So, to eradicate counterfeiting we all need to take small steps together which will one day prove to be big.Fighting Counterfeit Effectively: Need Of The Hour

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