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Fighting Corporate Fraud With Help Of Intellectual Property Rights

Posted By Admin on 02 April 2016

The general ideology of the common man with respect to intellectual property rights is that it does not concerns them as it sounds so heavy and thus they fail to recognize their rights which is associated at every small step which they take wether it is buying a tiny branded product from a shop or take any kind of services which associates with some brand.

The services can range in different categories like hospitals, banks, law firms, chain of restaurants, etc. which the consumers can associate with different brands like they prefer a particular hospital brand over others or one bank over others and this is because knowingly or unknowingly they associate themselves with different brands providing different kinds of services.

This shows that consumers are deeply connected to intellectual property even if they are not aware of, because of which when their rights are infringed is not known to them which is a matter of concern because if they are at least aware of their rights then they can approach detectives for intellectual property rights for further help.

There are different kinds of Intellectual property frauds among which corporate fraud as one. Corporate frauds mean any dishonest or illegal activities that are committed by an individual or company to provide an advantage to that individual or company. These can be grouped under the white collar crimes. These can be handled by the individuals when they are aware of and can claim for corporate fraud investigations when they encounter any such situations as it is not a very easy task to locate such frauds and needs the individuals be it in the form of employees or consumers so that they can detect it within time and also get it investigated within time.

Apart from corporate frauds fake products are already on rise in the market. Also, its very important for the consumers to be attentive and alert in all cases so that they can detect infringement of rights at proper time. Though prevention is better than cure and thus it increases the responsibility of the consumers all the more so that they don not regret afterwards but it is very much possible that they become the victim of such frauds and that is the point when they should take intelligent steps rather than panicking like to register their complaints on online platforms which deals with such fraudulent complaints and will also help in further investigation as they provide with detectives on fake products and one such reputed online portal is Brands and Fakes which is very user friendly and helpful.
Today, all these kinds of fraud has become very common and one has to be proactive in their approach in order combat such activities and also our country is trying hard to cope up with such frauds by making so many easy options like these online platforms which can help the consumers in all cases of frauds, be it a fake branded product fraud or corporate frauds by providing not only filing of such frauds but also providing with corporate investigations in India which are not easily available.

Thus, consumers should make the most of it and help themselves and the nation to fight against such fraudulent acts.

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