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Does Unfair Competition Erode Your Brand Value

Posted By Admin on 19 Feb 2016

Brand across the world are faced by various types of unfair competition. There are false claims by the completion on the compliance to the regulatory requirements for products, compliance to the industrial and other statutory requirements of the regions, Health & Safety requirements (for customers, employees & associates), physical threats, cartels and unethical/willful hurt to the competition business practices. Added to theses are the threats, which emerge out of the internet & mobile, by various sources directly or indirectly attributed to competition or even otherwise.

If we purely look at the challenges thrown by an unfair completion, the need is to continuously capture such risk on a real time basis, analyses their impact, put a mitigation strategy in place and continue monitor it’s impact at all times.

One of the key executive today for any organization today needs to be a CRO – Chief Risk Officer or a CBRO – Chief Business Risk Officer. Organizations can either have these competencies internally or can take support from outsourced external experts. Managing unfair competition coupled with internal and external compliances (financial, employee, IT security, Physical security, HSE etc) is a key to organizational growth and business continuity.

This unfair competition, not only impacts the sales of the product, in a particular region at any particular point in time, but if unchecked, will threaten the very existence of the brand and the brand value associated with it. The need is to insulate the brand from such unfair competition and continue to act against such threats in an effective manner. has created a network of top notch professionals, social groups, risk assessment & management personnel to implement a comprehensive methodology supported by innovative use of IT tools, which helps the organizations to identify and manage the risks, thrown by unfair competition.


    priyal jain

    brands and fakes is one such initiative which wishes to fight for the consumer rights & rights of the complying brands and have created a eco-system to address these issues.
    Brand owners should also take proper steps when they get to know that their brand is being misused. brands and fakes protect brand owners and their logos from damage caused by duplicate brands.

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