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Do organizations see value in brand protection actions?

Posted By Admin on 06 Feb 2018

In most cases the answer to this question is NO. In certain cases, it is the perception issue but, largely the issues are, in the way brands internally manage these things and the way service providers work.

But whatever the reasons are, for the organizations, more issues are internal than external. The issues are no different from issues faced in case of most of the services.

a)      The focus internally in the organization is more on lower cost for services rather than, the quality of the deliverables.

b)      The deliverables also are not a part of overall strategy but some funny number – seizure value of goods or number of actions executed etc.

c)      The relief sought is more of immediate quick fix rather than a part of an overall plan.

d)     The teams generally managing affairs are not measured on the matrices, on which organizational performance is measured.

e)      Focus is more on legality of things, rather than on customers, brand perception/positioning and channel motivation. In most cases, these actors have no involvement or even consideration in planning, execution or measurement of effectiveness.

Because of these issues and lack of strategy, wrong service providers are chosen and the results again are discouraging, further leading to complications of seeing lower value.

The need is to not only have a mixed strategy working across 3 modern tiers of brand protection but also control & manage everything in a fair & transparent way, with use of technology tools. platform helps organizations to work differently & effectively and to drive optimal value out of brand protection activities, which are also measured transparently.

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