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Dealing Intellectual Property Issue In Modern Age

Posted By Admin on 24 Nov 2016

Intellectual property rights is a newer concept as compared to others due to which it is not that popular among common people but it is gaining popularity slowly and recently is one of the major fields which has been talked about so much which has brought a sense of awareness among people with respect to the intellectual property rights.

The common problem which is dealt by the people is the tedious and tiring process of the court. This is something which everybody wants to avoid and without which they think that they can never fight for their rights but the basic problem which arises is not fighting for one’s right but knowing one’s right so that they can fight for it when it is infringed.

There are number of intellectual property rights but not all have a direct connection with common people. One of the most common form of intellectual property we come across in our everyday life is trademark. Trademark influences people as they have a sentimental connection with it. There is a bond of trust between consumers and trademark which help them to choose a particular brand over so many other brands. When such rights are infringed which if realized by the people put them in dilemma as in what step should take next. It is terrifying for them to even think of trouble some court procedures. This is not the only part which has to be taken care of as the most critical part is the investigations for intellectual property rights as it provides evidence which helps in strengthening the case of the victim.

If we go with the traditional way then we have courts for our help which are taxing and time taking but today people look for easy and convenient options which is also reliable and one such option is on-line platforms which provides easy and quick solutions for intellectual property violations as these portals are well versed with the intellectual property rights compliances.

The other major aspect which these portals focus on are investigations as intellectual property rights investigation in India is very rare and difficult due to which many people back out from the fight for the right but also not all the on-line portals are worthy enough to be trusted blindly. One of the well received and reliable portal is Brands and Fakes which deals with all such issues in a very smooth and swift manner.

It is necessary that people should be aware of the new age tools in order to move forward and protect their intellectual property rights which are equally important as other rights, it is just that this property is intangible in nature and thus is neglected in India. The duty to educate common people lies on the few who have knowledge in this field. It is duty of one and all to join hands and work together for a society where intellectual property rights are equally treated as other rights.


    priyal jain is one such initiative which have full capacity to enforcement of the IPR laws by doing investigation with the help of there associates and prevent the counterfeit.

    shubham jain

    management of IPR is a multidimensional task and calls for many different actions and strategies which need to be aligned with national laws and international treaties and practices. It is no longer driven purely by a national perspective. IP and its associated rights are seriously influenced by the market needs, market response.

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