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CRO on demand

Posted By Rahul on 27 Dec 2018

Organizations today have lot of focus on risk management and compliances. The need has really outgrown a company secretory, a compliance officer, a legal officer, a security officer and a PR officer. The kind and extent of risk each organization is exposed today requires expertise in many areas,which most organizations today are not able to afford,especially those in small& medium sectors.

The organizational risk can be classified in the following 3 broad categories:-

·         Financial Risk management & GRC areas

·         IT security

·         Brand & external risk management

The management of these risks not only call for expertise in these areas of finance, IT, brand management, supply chain, physical security etc. but also call for a deep experience of managing the associated legal matters & advocacy with external agencies.

So, today the need is not only to have a CRO (chief risk officer) but a CRO which is well supported by a team of experts, which not only offer consulting but also execute the necessary actions. This CRO is actually noting but a eCRO or a virtual CRO,which executes various activities to perfection that too on demand.

Platforms like www.brandsandfakes.comwhich started like a broad external risk management platforms, are soon transforming to offer  comprehensive risk management services and are likely to occupy the eCRO space soon

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