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Corporate governance, risk management and IP actions

Posted By Admin on 16 May 2019

Organizations today identify brand protection as one of the key external risks and have got teams & strategy to manage this risk both internally & externally. Yet there remain few issues and risks which need to be understood and mitigated;


  1. IP protection is just a subset of overall brand protection. Things like digital threats, false claims by competition, unfair practices by trade channels etc add additional challenges, which still needs to be managed as a part of overall risk.
  2. There is lack of transparency and accountability at the internal teams managing these activities. Many a times the service providers are selected, dropped and treated most unfairly.
  3. Corporate governance standards are either not followed or compromised left, right and centre. This also include unfair financial expectations. 


So, if we take stock of the risk and the way these risks are managed, the situation is not so healthy. There needs to be a serious drive to manage these risks at the top most level in the organization and at the highest level of corporate integrity & transparency.


The online platforms like not only provide the much needed best practices, transparency but also, the services which are matching with the highest level of proficiency and effectiveness. The brands & fakes ecosystem ensures that the right benefits are delivered to the brands and there is a highest level of compliance to the corporate governance standards.


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