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Posted By Sarthak on 11 Dec 2017

Leslie Weller, who belongs to Nevada, United States of America, has filled a federal lawsuit against Gillian Flynn, author of the book ‘Gone Girl’ and the creative team behind the film ‘Gone Girl’, claiming copyright infringement. Weller claims that the storyline of ‘Gone Girl’ is a copy of her screenplay which was introduced in the year 2005 ‘Out of the Blue’.


Leslie Weller has requested the court to impound all the copies of the book ‘Gone Girl’ and hand over all the profits from the book to her. Leslie Weller claims that her work was introduced seven years prior to the book launched by Gillian Flynn, story of which was later on adapted by a 2014 film with the same name starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris.


Weller’s legal attorney claim that there are many similarities between the two stories. Weller’s legal team is of the view that as the work of Leslie Weller was launched first in the Global Market, she has a stronger right over the work and thus she should be compensated for Copyright Infringement.


Gillian Flynn has made no comments on this story yet. Legal Notice on behalf of Weller has been received by her, but no comment has been passed on it.

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