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Controlling Counterfeits The Marketing Way

Posted By Rahul on 31 July 2018

The dynamic QR codes or unique scratch codes which today are widely getting implemented help to manage counterfeits for even small valued products. Generally it has been observed that printing of dynamic QR codes is quite challenging on small size items and products with flexible packaging, but these codes when implemented at the box level SKU can flush out counterfeits which generally are very difficult to identify.
These dynamic QR codes at the box level are required to be scanned by the dealer or retailer in want of some benefits as a part of marketing scheme and will flush out the counterfeit products very easily. The other advantage is that such scans by the retailer/ dealers can also flush out the material meant for institutional sales lading at the retail counter.
The organizations can either build their own mobile applications to scan & progress the data or use some existing applications on cloud to transect online.
The technology platform has been supporting many large customers specially in the FMCG/ automotive/ building material space in implementing such systems and tracking the supply chain online for any violation or inconsistency.

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