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Consumer sentiment and IP enforcement actions

Posted By Admin on 17 July 2019

Many brands have a belief that publicizing the information on the IP enforcement action executed by them, on the counterfeiters of their products, adversely affects the consumer sentiment. They generally refrain from going to press on the actions executed on the violators, believing that, more information to consumers will discourage them from buying their products and shift them to alternate products.

 The fact may actually be opposite and may vary from market to market. In countries like India, where the counterfeits have been existing for most products and across various channels where online portals are leading the race, the fact that brand is active and sensitive to the cause, adds positivity to the mind of the consumers. The brand is considered to be sensitive, moreover activities done for the protection of the consumers adds positivity in consumer's mind.

 This is particularly true when most of the consumers actually know that over 50% products sold on online portals i.e. Alibaba, amazon, Flipkart are counterfeits and the similar situation exists in the mom & pop stores. In fact, the brands need to go extra mile in educating the consumers on how they can spot a fake product, and what are the ill effects of the counterfeit products on their health & safety. It might be a good idea to involve the social groups in naming & shaming the violators on social platforms & other channels and keep communicating with the consumers on this sensitive matter.

 The fact that law enforcement has been lax in the country, and so are the courts & push by public prosecutors, it is only the voice of consumers, directed & supported by the brands & social groups, which can change the current situation. Eco system works on the cause of counterfeits comprehensively. The associated intellectual property detectives, anti-counterfeiting investigations, media, activists, consumer volunteers, not only execute comprehensive actions on violators, but also, help brands with all concern to effectively communicate their sensitivity & zero tolerance .

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