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Clash of Biggies

Posted By Admin on 23 Feb 2015

Infringement cases has taken a toll on every sector forcing them to take legal support. In a recent development these companies have created specific Brand Protection cell consisting of retired police personnels aiming at reducing these counterfeit products.
Ayurvedic giant Dabur has won a case in the Bombay High Court against Ahmadabad-based Bajaj Herbals regarding infringement of its toothpaste brand Meswak in Morocco and West Asia. While, Dabur uses the brand ‘Meswak’ for the Indian market, it manufactures and sells the toothpaste as ‘Miswak’ in West Asia and Morocco.
Dabur had got the brand Meswak in 2005.
However, despite Dabur obtaining an injunction against Bajaj Herbals from the High Court,there was a continued use of the brand name ‘Miswak’.
As against this, Dabur had taken out an application for the contempt of court order. The court fined the promoters of Bajaj Herbals for Rs 15 lakh, asking them to pay Rs 10 lakh to Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai for the treatment of poor patients, and the rest Rs 5 lakh to Dabur India.


    shubham jain

    can dabur file criminal suit against bajaj ?


    No criminal suit can not be filed in matter. There is already a commercial suit filed between both the parties and injection order is already passed by the court

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