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Changing Scenario And Role Of Consumer With Respect To Fake Brands

Posted By Admin on 24 Feb 2016

Times have changed a lot and with the changing time there had been an increase in ranges of products in the market. There are so many varieties and ‘n’ number of brands which are available that it is difficult for the consumers to decide that what to choose and what not to or rather the difficulty lies in deciding that the chosen product by the consumer is genuine or not?

Its a very big task in the present scenario to get genuine products for the money paid. It’s not easy to select among so many brands and there is more to it by which I mean other fake brands and products which increases the risk and difficulties for both the consumers and brand owners because both are directly associated to the brand.
Brand association is really important for both these parties as it connects both of them to each other. The problem which arises in such situations is the “trust”. Trusting a brand and keep coming back to the same brand is rare scene as the trust of the consumers are shaken when even once they are fooled by a fake brand.

The next thing which happens is that both the parties that is the consumers and brand owners are upset of the fact that they have been cheated. This would have not happen if both of them would have not been negligent.

The consumers should stop acting as the victim and needy and start being alert and proactive. Being a proactive consumer means having proper knowledge of what they are buying and being alert so that no one can fool them. This includes knowledge of the trademark they associate themselves with which not only refers to the name and mark but also includes the minute details of the mark because these details are played with by the brand pirates. After being proactive the next step is to be aware enough so that the consumer can take a right step after being cheated. After being cheated one can simply file a complaint against it and should not stop thinking that its time taking because they can use various on-line portals which can help them out in such cases and one such popular on-line platform is Brands and Fakes which not only helps the consumers file the complaint but also help them to investigate on it and these trademark investigations can be done by the brand owners as well in order to protect their brand.

The consumers should also understand that being silent and just facing problems and distrust will lead to nowhere, they have to take strong steps which start from differentiating between fake and genuine products. After which they will not only be able to make smart decisions but also will know the correct way to solve problems of fake brands.

Brand owners should also take proper steps when they get to know that their brand is being misused. They can get it investigated through brand investigating services which are provided by various on-line portals and Brands and Fakes being one of such well received platforms.

So, It is necessary that both the parties equally share their responsibilities and work on it in order to get genuine products and services and a piracy free market.


    priyal jain

    brands and fakes is one such initiative which wishes to fight for the consumer rights & rights of the complying brands and have created a eco-system to address these issues.
    Brand owners should also take proper steps when they get to know that their brand is being misused. brands and fakes protect brand owners and their logos from damage caused by duplicate brands.

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