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Certification of IP professionals for effective brand protection

Posted By Admin on 05 March 2018

Organizations have been spending lot of money in managing counterfeits and undertaking enforcement actions under the IP laws.

Other than the nuisances involved in dealing with the violators, the enforcement organizations, the issues in the criminal justice system, one area which is of a very high concern is, the knowledge & skills of the professionals dealing in such matters. The issues are not only with the competence of the service providers but also within the internal teams of the organizations.

There is a pressing need for professionals dealing with the matters to be certified and their competencies properly documented. Unfortunately, there is neither  an institute nor a course for these competences. The law degrees and specializations are far from being relevant & practical. Even the knowledge with the intellectual property enforcement agencies is very poor.

This results in ineffective IP enforcement actions, waste of money and non-conviction of the culprits. Coupled with that there are issues related to unethical practices both internally in the organization and externally in managing various other activities. Lack of transparency and accountability make it even worse. platform has been addressing various issues above by initiating the certification of the professionals and increasing transparency & accountability in the processes. But like any other transformation project, the issues of change management are always at the centre and the most difficult part to manage.

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