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Can Reverse Logistics of Empties Control Brand Violations?

Posted By Admin on 09 Aug 2019

Few brands have been trying to gather the empty used containers of the products to control counterfeits, refilling and recycling. It is not always practical, cost effective & fool proof to manage the reverse logistics of empty containers and logically destroy them.


In certain cases, where the number of units are a few and are individually traceable with some track & trace solution on the product packaging, it might make sense to implement the reverse logistics solutions. A tech enabled reverse logistic solution or service, may actually prove to be very beneficial to prevent misuse in such scenarios.


In certain other cases, particularly FMCG brands, it might also make sense to have smart tie-up’s with the waste collection disposal agents and incentivise them or run a program for logically bringing empties to selected locations and then destroy them scientifically.  


With more waste collectors becoming technology savvy and also smart phones & mobile data becoming cheaper, many pilots are being carried out by various brands to prevent misuse and recycling of the empty containers.


It also make sense for social groups to join hands in these drives to prevent recycling, especially in food products/containers. Many times, even when these empty containers are not used for recycling or violating the brand, they are being used for domestic storage of food, which also has huge adverse effect on the health of consumers. So, there is also a  need to educate the consumers alongside.


The service delivery platform provides the tech solutions, the social group eco system, the professional knowhow, the enforcement services  & consumer education, to brands to adopt to such smart solutions and receive benefits.

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