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Can Handling Reverse Logistics Be a Strategy to Control Counterfeits

Posted By Admin on 20 March 2017

With an increased smart phone penetration, especially in urban areas and evolution of many mobile apps & start-ups organizations in the waste management space, there is an interesting area emerging for handling the reverse logistics for empties. For many brands, refilling & recycling of the empty containers contribute to huge counterfeit availability. There are many such counterfeiters mushrooming across all major cities in India, which refill/recycle the empty containers and push counterfeit products.

The e-tailing companies have already built reverse logistics modules in their supply chain and also many waste management organizations are maturing these models across India now. Brand owners, which get affected due to these activities, can now put a mechanism in place to get these empty containers collected through this reverse logistics model and get them disposed off scientifically.

This will not only make the availability of empty containers difficult for counterfeiters but also give a message to the consumers that the brand really cares and takes all efforts to protect the interest and health of their consumers. Brands manufacturing products like spirits, personal care products, home care products can use this very effectively. Brand owners can also incentivise the consumer & other actors for contributing to this.

While it may look to be an expensive proposition and an additional expense, but looking at the pure marketing effectiveness and control over counterfeits will give a very positive ROI. Organising a pilot project before a full rollout will be a good strategy.

Amalgamation of a reverse logistics application with network, technology strengths and existing mobile application of can be customised for brand owners to undertake such an innovative project.


    shubham jain

    There are many online marketplaces that offer counterfeiters the opportunity to sell their goods, so it’s important that you educate your team so they are aware of who is out there selling counterfeit items, and how they operate, as this leads to better counterfeit prevention. is the best platform in these matters

    priyal jain

    Companies can no longer afford to treat reverse logistics as an afterthought. It needs to be a core capability within the supply chain organization. it becomes difficult for counterfeiters to counterfeit but also give a message to the consumers that the brand really cares and takes all efforts to protect the interest and health of their consumers.

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