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Business impact of illegal service centres

Posted By Admin on 30 Nov 2017

After sales service is an important source of revenue for many product companies. There are many malpractices being followed by third party service providers, which not only befool the customer, provide unsatisfactory services but also eat into the revenues of the brands.

These service providers misuse the goodwill of the company by misusing the copyrighted material, logos, create false websites and impersonate as authorized service providers of the brand. Many times these service providers have also been found to be using counterfeit spares causing huge losses to the brand and loss of goodwill. There are false call centres setup by illegal service providers to hoodwink consumers.   

The need is to act against these unauthorized service providers posing as authorized ones and book them under the provisions of IPC for cheating, forgery, impersonation etc., provisions of the IP acts like copyright & TM act, provisions of IT act & domain conflicts and provisions of the consumer protection act.

 The platform helps brand owners to fight this unfair trade practice and helps to take criminal or civil remedies through the network of professionals. The social services organizations fighting for the consumer cause also help to directly confront such violators and make them comply.


    priyal jain

    there should be proper investigation against counterfeits and the people who are using copyrighted material and false websites should be given punishment under various legislations made by the govt.


    agreed, the provisions under IT act, IP acts and IPC need to run parallel for all such cases. These are mix of trademark infringements, copy right infringement, domain name squatting, cheating, forgery and matter of consumer rights under the consumer protection act

    Chandra Shekhar Singh

    Trust and reliability of the consumer on the company is the biggest revenue for the company. Need of the hour for the companies is to make their service centre affordable, reachable and reliable. Once this is secured, they should positively move against illegal service provider. After all maintaining securities against their intellectual property and satisfactory customer experience is of prime importance for the companies and both of which is very often violated by private service provider.

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