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Awareness: Major Key Towards Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights

Posted By Admin on 27 April 2016

Intellectual property rights are new concepts of rights which are less known to people. Common people generally concentrate on other forms of rights which are bit traditional. This newer form is intangible and thus is people are unaware of it. The concept may be new to people but the law breakers have gone too far and we are lagging behind in order to protect our rights.

One of the most common form of intellectual property rights are trademarks as people deal with them almost daily and one feels more connected trademark because they have given these trademarks a place in their lives by using and trusting them. The other side of this sweet story is the disappointing deceptive similarity of these trademarks.

Deceptive similarity is a concept where one uses the trademark of a product in such a manner that it appears to be real but if taken a closer look the we will realize it is not the same trademark. It can have any kind of change may be in spelling of the name of the product or design or color but in total it will appear to be deceptive similar to the original product. We can call this in general term as counterfeiting of the products.

when people realize that they have been ripped off as they see what they bought then they generally ignore it. The question is why ignorance? Ignorance because is it the easiest way to deal with it or lack of awareness? Well, it is both but more prominently the second one as due to lack of awareness we do not know what to do and then the easiest option seem to be ignorance. This is one of the reason why we are not able to fight counterfeiting in India.

The era has changed where people had to go for tedious process of filing a complaint and then used to wait long for a proper action. Today is the age of internet and everything can be done on-line. There are many on-line platforms which not only help in filing a complaint but also the investigation for intellectual property rights which is actually a very tough job as everything depends on it which means that if investigation is proper then our rights can be easily protected else it is very difficult.

The point is whom to trust among so many which can provide quick and hassle free experience? Then one name to trust is Brands and Fakes as it helps with everything be it filing of complaint or providing intellectual property detectives who can closely examine the situation and find perfect solutions. Also, these investigations forms the basis of evidence which help us to protect our rights.

It is not difficult to protect our intellectual property rights, we just need to be aware enough to protect our rights in all manner and work for spreading awareness in this regard which will help us in fighting counterfeiting which is slowly poisoning our rights and will keep on growing if we remain silent by ignoring it. It’s time to raise our voice and fight for our rights and not sit quiet.

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