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Anti-Counterfeiting Action– Swimming With Sharks

Posted By Admin on 16 Jan 2017

If we critically look at the complete ecosystem which is supposed to act against the counterfeit activities, one question comes to mind “Who wants to act against the counterfeits?” Is it the brand owner? Is it the consumer? Is it the law enforcement agency? Is it the legal services organizations? Is that the private investigators? Is it the trade channels? Or is it the government?

Probably the answer to any of this question is never a clear YES, by any of these ecosystem players. This not only makes the actions against the counterfeits more difficult but also creates lot of conflicts in the agencies responsible for controlling the mess. The sad part of this is that the issues are not only in the external organizations or service providers, but also internally within the organization.

The counterfeiter itself is not the only culprit for the continuing mess, the tendency of the enforcement agencies of the government (as well as of the law private enforcement), is not to catch the real culprit but only to do the peripheral actions. Only selected information is shared by the internal teams within the organization leading to either conflict with the service providers or reporting wrong facts. The seizure-value based evaluation systems and lack of consumer-driven & social-driven brand protection allow the menace to continue at all times. The lack of clarity & transparency in the processes of information & action management leads to serious frauds & ineffective activities. Non-availability of database and not sharing of data among the organizations make each activity a standalone activity, which every time starts from zero.

Precisely, the complete ecosystem is non-transparent, divergent in approach and lacks a full war against the counterfeits. has created an ecosystem, a mechanism and an online application for streamlining of many of these issues, which brings transparency between the stakeholders.


    shubham jain

    Who wants to act against the counterfeits? government should pass the law for mandatory protection from the duplicate by the brand owner and promote private agencies for protections of trademarks, copyrights etc. and government should heir private agencies for enforcement of laws

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