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Posted By Sarthak on 07 Aug 2017

On 7th August, 2017 a candy made out of Aloe Vera got was granted a patent by the patent office in India. Dr. MM Azam, inventor of this candy got a patent after almost 9 and half years of waiting. The patent was granted for 'preparation and method of processing of Aloe vera candy from Aloe vera plant.'

In an interview Dr. MM Azam said that "Aloe gel could enhance immunity, improve liver function, prevent asthma and act as anti-inflammatory, anti- ulcer, anti-diabetic and anti-hypertension agent. Because of these potential properties, Aloe vera had found application in food industry especially in the formulation of health food drink and other beverages"

Aloe candy comes under healthy food and thus the patent office considered this fact before granting patent to Dr. MM Azam for the invention of Aleo Vera Candy.

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