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Posted By Sarthak on 19 Oct 2017

Adidas has filed a trademark infringement suit against esports broadcasting company (Eleague). Eleague is a new concept of gaming where games like FIFA and Counter Strike - Go can be played in a League formate, wherein participants can participate along with their friends making one team and compete with other teams. 


Adidas is a famous sports apparel and shoes manufacturer, they have even sponsored many games like FIFA and are one of the leading sponsors of NBA, Football, Baseball, etc. 


Recently, Adidas filed a Trademark suit against Eleague for infringing their famous ‘three stripes’ mark. Though both the companies have different products, but adidas argued that as they have sponsored FIFA, and have plans to sponsor many games which can be played on electronic platform, the mark used by Eleague may cause confusion in the minds of users, considering Eleague to be associated with the famous apparel company.

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