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November 24, 2016 0

Three Important Pillars of Enforcement Actions against Counterfeits

Posted by:admin onNovember 24, 2016

There are many issues that brand owners have to face while executing enforcement actions against the counterfeits. In both, civil and criminal IP enforcement actions, if we critically look at the issues being faced, we realise that gaps exists either in the processes or the skill sets of the people responsible for executing these actions, including the brand internal processes & personnel.
We can classify the overall process in three buckets, which we can call as three pillars for effective enforcement actions, namely:
• Lead (information about any violation) generation and its qualification
• An in-depth investigation and evidence collection
• A skill of handling the final action
What we see in most of the cases is that if any one of these three areas lack the involvement of experts, the overall effectiveness of the action is very low. To cover up the inadequacies, certain practices are observed by service providers (also by brand owners in certain cases), which put a question mark on the overall credibility of the full process.
The two major reasons for lack of effectiveness or compromises to the any one or more of these areas are:
a) Different skill set required for all three areas and one individual (or team) not having that
b) The commercials associated with the actions don’t support the required focus & seriousness in all the three areas individually
For measuring the effectiveness of the enforcement actions, it is increasingly becoming imperative for brand owners not to only look at the output alone but also control/manage individual areas. has built “FitCounter”, it is a LAMS (Lead and Action Management System), an online application, to control and manage these three important pillars of enforcement actions and making sure that brand owners get the desired benefit out of each dollar spent.

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