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August 17, 2016 0

The Duplicates might be hidden in Original Packaging

Posted by:admin onAugust 17, 2016

In a recent incident in Ambala, two youth reported to have fallen sick soon after they drank Amul’s ‘Cool Kesar Doodh’. On their complaint, the shopkeeper too drank the same flavored milk and he soon started vomiting. The three of them were hospitalized after their condition started deteriorating.

It was mentioned on the bottles that they were packed during March 2016 and had an expiry of six months. It came as a surprise that the flavored milk wasn’t expired still people had fallen ill after consuming it.

One thing that we understand from this entire episode is that there are possibilities that the Amul Kesar Doodh was packed in the actual bottles but the content inside it was adulterated. It’s a well-known fact that lookalikes or duplicates of popular brands are freely sold in the market and most of the time, people fail to realize the minute differences between the original brand and its duplicates.

In such cases, we can collect the samples of products that have been a nuisance and send it to Brands and Fakes for testing, after which these leads can be further probed.

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